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About Me

          I began my career as a clinical social worker with entry into the Master’s program at Boston University in 1976. Inspired by the vitality and creativity of my long-lived Great Aunt Mae, I specialized in gerontology. My post-graduate work began with elders in their homes and in medical settings. Following some professional and personal encounters with drug and alcohol addiction, I pursued my own healing through Al-Anon and additional professional training that led to becoming part of a dynamic team creating a unique, state sponsored program for outreach to and treatment of older adults and their families. When I married and moved to Michigan in 1986, I continued that path of my career for 15 more years. During this time, I became acutely aware of the number of clients affected by significant childhood trauma and became especially interested in the impact of childhood sexual trauma in the lives of the older women I worked with. This interest led to the next steps in my career: pursing training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and co-developing a skill building group for survivors of sexual trauma called Tapestries.

          My clinical practice has always evolved from the weaving together of life experiences, spiritual lessons and practices, and ongoing clinical training and peer study. This evolution has most recently led me to the study of self-compassion and self-forgiveness and their role in emotional, physical and spiritual healing. This pursuit has come to fruition in the offering of a group called “Living Gently with Ourselves” and in the orientation of my work with individuals and families.

         I am licensed as an out-of-state telehealth provider by the state of Florida. For more information go to


I am not accepting new clients at this time. If you are a returning client, you may contact me to request a session.

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